A SAP system administrator ensures that the Core components and functions of each SAP system operate correctly during live operation.

Basis forms the basis of the application layer (core) in the 3-tier SAP system (pictured). It is critical to ensure the up-to-dateness and operability of this architecture, otherwise problems that may occur in SAP systems and situations that will affect users and business processes may arise as a result.

System Management

  • SAP system performance management
  • Monitoring of SAP applications for current and upcoming issues
  • Performing Patch Upgrades and Installations of SAP Applications
  • Implementation of periodic “Missions Critical” as foreseen by SAP Best Practices

Database Management

  • Performing database upgrades
  • Applying database patches
  • Performing SAP system upgrades (Homogeneous Copying)
  • Optimizing the database
  • Adjusting the performance parameters

User Access Management

  • Creating user accounts
  • Security roles assignment
  • Issue investigations authorization
  • Audit reports and support

Transfer Management (TMS)

  • Transfer, (Request)
  • TMS troubleshooting
  • Client copying, importing and exporting

Background Bussiness Manager

  • Monitoring job failure or completion status
  • Planning of background jobs
  • Assessing the commercial impact of failed businesses