Companies use SAP applications to maximize their targeted return on investment (ROI) and minimize the total cost of transactions (TCO). Our customers, to whom we have provided remote SAP Basis consultancy support for years, have encouraged us to offer SAP applications hosting services in addition to our Basis service.

By taking advantage of our infrastructure investments, you can reduce the data center cost and get faster and safer results with heating / cooling and rack space.

In addition, our services work integrated with SAP to eliminate system sizing and performance-related errors, network problems, and technology compatibility problems.

Presentations of ATG Consulting ERP Hosting service

  • SAP focus
  • One touch for SAP systems infrastructure
  • Lower costs
  • Maximized performance for systems and applications
  • Cross-level optimization as needed

Additional SAP Hosting Options

  • Backup infrastructure
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Non-SAP system
  • SAP system management training

You can always contact us for your questions about our Server Hosting services.